12 Island started as a thought. In the writing community, it was noted that most writers had problems marketing their books and finding their target audience, we noticed it also flowed to small businesses as well. Many small businesses and authors market to all and not a specific target. The CEO Tiffany Arnold, started by branding herself.

As an indie writer herself, she knows the struggle of getting people to see your book and actually buy and review so others will know about it. She has worked with many small companies who don’t know that they need to set a target audience so that their sales will go up, so that people who would buy from them know they are out there.

Our Mission Statement: To get your book, your business as known as major corporations and traditionally published books. To take your dreams and make them a reality. To teach you that you can achieve your goals and help you along the way .

We want to be your voice, to minimize the failure of small businesses and indie authors. To take over the portion that takes away from their creative process. Also to be inclusive and stand up for inclusiveness and companies that do not discriminate.

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